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Explore the world of healthcare with the OdemShop Blog, your reliable partner for medical information. We bring you the latest news, in-depth insights, and valuable tips from the medical field. Whether you work in a pharmacy, hospital, or the healthcare industry, our articles are carefully selected and always provide you with relevant and practical information. Dive into the world of medicine and stay one step ahead with Odemshop.

Blog 1

Medical Masks: Type 1, Type 2 & Type 2R

A medical face mask is personal protective equipment that helps prevent the spread of pathogens. There are three different types of medical masks, depending on...

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Blog 2

European Standard 455 – EN 455

EN 455 is a European standard that contributes to ensuring the safety and reliability of medical gloves (exclusively gloves) and meeting an accepted level of...

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Blog 3

Glove Size Chart – How to Determine Your Glove Size

Sizes can vary by manufacturer, and it is important that you get the right size for comfort and protection.This article describes the various measuring...

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Blog 4

Blood analysis: an important health tool

Precious elixir of life: blood is considered a mirror of health and well-being. As a standard repertoire of medical diagnostics, blood analysis provides...

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