CRP Semi-quantitative Rapid Test Cassette - Biotest

Buy RightSign CRP test online at OdemShop. The RightSign CRP Test is an efficient and reliable test to measure the C-reactive protein in the blood.

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CRP Semi-quantitative Rapid Test Cassette - Biotest

The RightSign CRP Test is an efficient and reliable test for measuring C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood. CRP is an important indicator of inflammation in the body, which can indicate underlying conditions such as cardiovascular diseases or bacterial infections. With a test duration of only 5 minutes and easy application with just a drop of blood, the test is ideal for medical professionals.

Its high specificity and sensitivity make the test effective for diagnosing and monitoring infections caused by streptococci and other bacterial infections. The semi-quantitative test can be used in serum, plasma, or whole blood and has three test lines for concentrations above 10mg/l, 40mg/l, and 80mg/l, making it ideal for monitoring disease progression. Effective therapy is ensured by the high sensitivity of the test at 10 mg/l and the precise detection of antibodies in the serum.

The RightSign CRP Test contributes to cost-effectiveness in the healthcare system by enabling early diagnosis and treatment through rapid and reliable measurement of CRP levels in the blood. The CRP rapid test is easy to use and provides a qualitative detection of C-reactive protein in the blood, leading to a positive result and contributing to early disease diagnosis.

Product details of the RightSign CRP Test

CRP Test, Semi-quantitative

High specificity and accuracy (from 10 mg/l)

Optimal for monitoring inflammatory and disease progression

Chromatographic immunoassay

Usable with plasma, whole blood, and serum

3 test lines for values greater than 10 mg/l, greater than 40 mg/l, and greater than 80 mg/l

Contents of the RightSign CRP Rapid Test

25 CRP test cassettes

25 x extraction solution

1 x user manual

Frequently Asked Questions about the RightSign CRP Test

What is a semi-quantitative CRP rapid test?

The semi-quantitative CRP test is an immunoassay for detecting C-reactive protein in serum, plasma, or whole blood (venous or capillary blood).

What is CRP?

CRP stands for C-reactive protein and is a marker for inflammation in the body. It is measured in the blood to diagnose existing conditions or monitor their progression.

What is a CRP test used for?

A CRP test is used to measure the C-reactive protein (CRP) level in the blood, which is an indicator of inflammation in the body and provides information about possible conditions such as infections, cardiovascular diseases, or bacterial infections.

What do the three test lines indicate in the semi-quantitative CRP test?

The three test lines indicate whether the CRP concentration in the blood exceeds 10mg/l, 40mg/l, or 80mg/l.

Technical Specifications


25 packages


625 pieces

Standards and Market Compliance

Self-test for laypersons

Approved in Germany

Certification: CE 1434

The manufacturer is listed on the "Common List of the EU".

93.2% sensitivity x 99.2% specificity

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